What we do

Corporate,Commercial & Debts Recovery

Handle share and/or assets acquisition transactions, sale and purchase or transfer of business, conduct legal due diligence and prepare documentations and deed of assignment of loans for the transactions and other corporate and commercial services.

We advise creditors on the legal remedies and options for an efficient recovery of debts owing and due to you (including unpaid or outstanding invoices, account receivables etc), together with interest which has accrued on the debts, and keep the recovery costs to a minimum so as to secure your cash-flow.

Civil Litigation & Arbitration

We provide an objective evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and evidence, and work out litigation strategy to resolve your disputes with the view to obtaining outcome which is of your best interest and minimizing legal costs.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

We address the legal needs of companies like tech startups implementing blockchain technology solutions in offering new services or changing their business models, and their suppliers and customers in commercial transactions, compliance, privacy and IP issues. We handle both contentious and non-contentious matters for cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurency trading companies, and victims of digital assets or bitcoin fraud in injunction, asset freezing or other court proceedings.

China Practice

Our Greater China Desk can provide legal services and support to help Mainland businesses to “Go Global” and Hong Kong and foreign companies to seize the opportunities and invest in the Mainland under the Greater Bay Area development policy and the One Belt One Road Initiative.


E-Commerce & Fintech

We advise Online or Fintech businesses and their customers to be aware of the regulations and legal landscape that affect them so that these business owners can remain compliant while customers are aware of their risks they undertake when shopping online or dealing with Online or Fintech service providers, and could have their rights protected in case of disputes.

Notary Public, Apostille & Consulate Legalization

In Hong Kong, a Notary Public is an officer appointed by the Hong Kong High Court to serve the public by preparing, and providing authentication and execution of documents for use overseas (except Mainland China) under his/her signature and official seal. A Notary Public can obtain apostille of the notarized documents issued by the Hong Kong Court or arrange for legalization of the notarized documents by foreign embassy in Hong Kong.

Mr. Chow Shiu Kee, Stephen Founding Partner & Notary Public

Mr. Chow Shiu Kee, Stephen

Ms. Cheung, Kiu Yan Natalia Founding Partner & Notary Public

Ms. Cheung, Kiu Yan Natalia

Mr. Chan Chi Hung, Albert Consultant

Mr. Chan Chi Hung, Albert

Mr. Tai Wai Yin, Howard Consultant

Mr. Tai Wai Yin, Howard

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